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KK by the sea



Khadija uses a range of tools to create her pieces, and has even been known to raid the utensils draw in the kitchen to hunt down the perfect 'paint brush' alternative. 


"I first put paint to canvas in April 2018, and the world has spun several hundreds of times since."


Khadija started painting as a way of dealing with the sudden death of her beautiful husband, Bradford Gross aged 44 in 2017.


Having no previous background in fine art or even a desire to explore this particular creative outlet, it was much as a surprise to Khadija as it was to others, when she couldn’t stop painting and started sharing it with others through Facebook and Instagram.


"Painting was a way for my grief to flow out and to just be when being was too hard."

Since then Khadija has exhibited both locally and in London and has just completed a series of 100 paintings in 100 days, during the pandemic as part of the Artist Support Pledge.


Khadija is currently working towards a collection that will be exhibited at Coastal Current in St Leonards by Sea.

Art For The Soul

About Section
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My Vision

"I hope my pieces bring people a bit of tranquillity, a bit of peace, and a bit of joy - the exact same feelings that painting brings me. That's what I do - I paint art for the soul, from the soul."

Art For The Soul

My Paintbox

Khadija is known for her use of bold colours, especially her signature shades of mustard and cobalt blue. She uses a combination of oil paints with cold wax and gold leafing.

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My Community

Located in St.Leonards, East Sussex, Khadija has worked with a range of local community projects and charities, including the Refugee Buddy Project. 


'The pandemic has had an effect on our mental and physical health and wellbeing in a way we could never have expected. Personally, like so many others living alone, I found the isolation and separation from my loved ones to be the most challenging and heartbreaking aspects of the lockdowns.

To keep myself busy and to help encourage connection with others within my community, I decided to take the #artistsupportpledge and create 100 paintings over 100 days, and sell them for £100 each. Each day I posting the painting on social media at 8pm and little did I know the success the project would achieve!

What is the #artistsupportpledge? Every time an artist reaches £1,000 of sales, they pledge to buy £200 of work from another artist, or make a donation to a charity that supports artists.

All of my donations went into a 'pot' that was managed by EggTooth, a charity that supports young artists and musicians through mentoring, coaching or therapy. This was a charity project that was very close to Brad’s heart, and one that is still surviving thanks to the love and support from my local community.

I felt very honoured to share affordable, accessible-to-all artwork. For this reason, I’ll be continuing the challenge to support the Bradford Gross Foundation via Eggtooth .

I’ll be doing ONE painting PER WEEK, which will go live on Monday evenings at 8.00pm for people to purchase.

Under the #artistsupportpledge, my Monday paintings will never be more then £200 pounds with the same percentage as before going to Egg Tooth for every £1000 made. I may even let some larger pieces slip in!

100 for 100
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